Summer School

‘Expert in Mentoring’ Summer School

SIM Scuola Italiana di Mentoring and CMI Coaching and Mentoring International

Florence Italy 22nd June – 17th July 2015

“It is stupid not to learn from wiser men and those who can teach” (Sofocle)


The Summer school

International training course Expert in Mentoring basics.

International certification of basics in Mentoring recognized by CMI International and SIM – Scuola Italiana di Mentoring.

Trainers: coming from Italy, UK and Turkey Official language of the training English International and cultural experience in Florence Italy, tourism and Italian culture

Target group

Trainers in charge for training agencies, tutor training processes operating in the public and private educators, teachers and all those who are interested in Mentoring. For university students who are finishing the 2nd 3rd years of the University in psychology, pedagogy, sports, business administration, others. Students who started the university career.

Cultural experience

Networking with Italian students Cultural visits in key figures,  places and museums of Florence, Tuscany and Rome (some included in the prices, some in addiction but only for students who want) Sports and recreational activities Additional courses (to pay apart) as Photography, Painting, Ceramics, Italian language, etc

At the end of the course participants will:

Acquire the basic knowledge on Mentoring Learn about the experiences of Italian and European Mentoring Understand the approach of European Mentoring Know the basics and the organization of a formal mentoring project


You will receive a certificate of attendance of specialization on the part of the Italian School Mentoring and CMI (Coaching and Mentoring International) and the certification of learning in a PDP – Personal Development Plan.

Description of training path

40 class + 20 self – learning and 40 Project Work The training course aims to give a general understanding of Mentoring methodology (ask for the programme). Project Work will help to develop possible experimental ideas of Mentoring to be applied in the contexts of work, training and interest of the participants. Training will be split into two parts: 1) basics, definitions, and general tools, 2) workshops specifics in the sectors in which Mentoring is applied: sport, schools and University, social field and people with special needs, business and SMe, HR Management, eMentoring, public administration. 

Teaching methods

Lectures, role playing, case studies, individual study and accompanied by a tutor of the SIM. 

MAIN PROGRAMME - 22nd June – 17th July 2015

1st week: training, self studying

Module 1: Mentoring and other methods Module 2 - The areas of application


2nd week: training, self studying

Module 3 - Formal Mentoring


3rd week Workshops

Mentoring sport, Mentoring schools and University, Mentoring for people with special needs, eMentoring,Mentoring in NATO Training Mission Afghanistan, Mentoring for Empowering Woman


4th week Workshops and exams

Mentoring in Business and SMe Mentoring in Europe Programmes Mentoring for leadership in Public Administrations Mentoring for Drop out Self studying in SIM Recreational, sports and cultural activities


Practical issues

If Summer school will not start (because of minimum of participant not reached) money will be refund to people who have already paid

- payment for the summer School: 1600€ plus VAT (to be paid until 2 April 2015)

- Apartments and food are not included in the price of the offer but SIM will organize the places to sleep and to eat and students will pay SIM directly. Time for renouncing 30th of April 2015, 50% of inscription and accommodation will be refund.